Terms of Use

In general

By ordering from our online store, you consent to receiving email messages, both automated and manual, related to store stuff. This includes email address confirmation messages, messages regarding payment, messages regarding shipment, other messages related to your order(s), and other messages relevant to the proper operation of the store.

Use of your data

Virovek does not sell your personal data (phone number, name, email address, etc.) to any third-party organizations or make it public. We don't use your data for anything except contacting you and shipping you things. Just stuff that we need to do to run a store.

Credit card info

Virovek uses Stripe as a third-party payment processor for credit card payments. Credit card payments are handled, in their entirety, by Stripe, Inc. For orders placed on the online store, Virovek does not retain your credit card info in the store's database or anywhere else. Kindly direct all complaints regarding issues with credit card payments towards Stripe, Inc.

Store service disruption

Virovek makes no guarantees on the availability of the storefront on the web, although disruption is quite rare. Still, the online store runs on a variety of cloud technologies that are subject to brief and uncommon periods of downtime, without warning. By using the store, you agree not to hold Virovek responsible for any hassle that may occur as a result of the store experiencing a service disruption at an inconvenient time.

Everything on the page linked below

As a subdomain of virovek.com, the disclaimers and terms of use expressed there do apply here too. Those can be found here. Please read them. They cover important topics such as shipping and handling issues, errors and omissions in information presented, and fair use.

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